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I live in Orlando, Florida since 2009. I'm from Mexico City, and the last month it was my daughter's birthday. She was turning sixteen, and you know that in the United States, that means a very special day like in Mexico when the girl turns fifteen.

At first, I was thinking about throwing a big party in a local place. But she told me that she would prefer something different, because that's a common event that girls want for their birthday. So, I asked her what she would like to have, and she told me she'd like to go around Miami city along with her best friends into a long luxury limousine. Honestly, I didn't expect that, I had never rent a Miami limo because I used to think that it was expensive and for reach people.

However, it was a very special event, so I told her she'd have that limousine. Searching the net, I found this company and asked for the Miami limo services. The day of the event, the requested chauffeur limo Miami was already there, my daughter and her best friends were amazed, and they had the riding by going shopping in Miami, eating ice cream, and so on. I was a memorable day for her and I thank this company because it brings confidence, affordable prices, and above all very good quality of services.