miami airport

Miami airport arrivals

After arriving at the airport, domestic flight passenger claim luggage at the lower level - one level lower from where you landed. Baggage claim areas are numbered from 1 to 30. All forms of ground transportation including Miami shuttle, buses, taxis, and Miami limos may immediately be found after you leave the arrival area. If you're having difficulty with other forms of ground transportation, it is a good idea to book ahead a limousine service. Getting a limo would ensure that you would have a worry-free and exciting vacation ahead of you. Ticket counters may be found not on Level 1 (first floor), but on Level 2 (second floor).

Miami Shuttle

Proud to be a dedicated transportation service for MIA Miami international airport and POM Port of Miami.

Airport Travelers Information

Miami International Airport is one of the real places around the United States that you would really need reliable transportation to your destination in the form of Miami shuttle, bus, taxicab, or an elegant Miami limo.

What to expect at MIA - Miami Int'l

If you're an international tourist (who would probably eventually rent a limo or similar modes of transportation), you have to meet with representatives from the United States Customs and Border Patrol. However, if you're coming in from just Canada, you don't have to clear customs. Don't forget to make transportation arrangements before arriving at MIA if you're not sure where to go from the airport.

Remember, when hiring a Miami limo, you have a choice of get greeted inside the terminal with a sign, or to get curbside pick up. Miami airport tip : Don't leave any unattended vehicle by the terminal curb. It would be towed, and you have to pay the fees to get it back.